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So im not pregnant...

So anyway, what a rather random couple of days. Last week was a bit of a no brainer in regards to work. One being unable to move three fingers for most of the week and it seizing up each day no later than about 8pm meant that one was not able to work and so was signed off sick. Work obviously didn't enjoy this and I am hoping to soon be leaving. Though saying that, a chat with a few people and being truthful to myself I recon if I am to stay in this country I will possibly have to move down south (London) anyway to find work or at least decent and continious work without being a full-time tutor. So a few chats with friends in the capital and looks like I maybe flat sharing from March/April if that goes a head.

Last wednesday evening was the Damned gig at Plug. It was great fun, I know they can sometimes be hit and miss but to be honest they played a really good set and had some decent and fun burlesque dancers before hand. Friday evening was a return to my childhood and the city of synth with the Human League at the city hall. It was great to see them again and good fun was had with them playing DARE in full before a mixture of greatest hits. It still makes me laugh though that a song potentiouly to do with the end of the world got such a large cheer here, though is it much of a surprise in a city that saw the making of Threads? Back to work saturday sadly when I would have rather stayed in the presence of the company from the night before and onto a slight bollocking about being 'ill'. Sunday again at work and chilling out yesterday evening.

Today saw a return to the hospital for the Ultrasound on my arms. From initial observations it appears I have a ganglion  in the wrist itself that will need to either be removed via operation or whacked into submission (possibly malot styley) as well as the onset of arthritus in the fingers all to be looked at and sorted out in the new year as well as anything else the US scan shows up that the rather useless bloke (not even a doctor) who did my scan today couldn't be arsed to tell me. I swear I got more useful information of the nurse than him, every question I asked was greeted with a responce of 'Oh just ask your doctor'...Anyway back and after a slight nap one returned to painting before the fingers got painfull again and now stopped. Relaxing again with some melon and lime wine and off tomorrow so return to painting, sadly I've stupidly also agreed in hanging up some yule lights on the house....hmmmm. Oh booked tickets for VNV Nation also this weekend. Bit bleepey I know, but anyone else going?
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