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he empties his sack but once a year....

So, its been a while, kind of ended up going off the rails so to speak the last week, what with orginaly finding out Id lost my job and they wanted me to quit on Christmas Eve, to then have it extended but to only the 5th Jan, and on top of that as of Christmas even to find out that the only other bloke that was being let off too has been offered a job in the photographic department. Well. Put it this way, Ive drank half a stone in beer and feel worse for it. But alas, there is a bottle of beer next to me as I type this. Perhaps I am an alco? or just need that beer belly. Suppose should don the speedo's in the new year and start heavy into the water sports (non yellow type I may add) in the new year.

The weekend, was spent in good company, out friday night with becky from work but cut short due to a stomach bug then out with the fella to see the rather ammusing re-working of St Trinians after a lovely meal out. Sadly the rest was cut short by having to return to work for sunday, to follow then onto monday.

Anyway so yes, c24th came and went, work was evil mad panic rush and the evening I came home and fell asleep face down on the bed with the laptop next to me and a cola in one hand.Waking Christmas day, once all up gifts were exchanged. A new dvd/VHS combo, a series of great books, including Thursbitch which I must admit I was going to buy tomorrow with any cash left from buying gifts myself. The usual socks and 'new-man' products as well as a few cds, dvds and worryingly enough two calenders. Am I suppose to be that much of a social butterfly in 2008?

After this family came and drinking started all over again, by 7pm we were all rather merry and started to play 'family board games'. Which ended in a lot of non aggressive shouting, drunken giggling and rude worded answers...

Today was a rather nulled day, waking with a slight man-flu one has hit the canvas a few times and carried on with a painting started in August. A brief nap and just watching of the usual crap on tv.

Not sure what 2008 will bring after leaving boots, don't want to head back into retail immediatly, going to try and find work in the arts somewhere, somehow, anyone know of ought? (willing to relocate) though saying that I don't mind working part time in some sort of small or unusual I living in a dream world? or do I actually deserve some luck for the new year, as to be honest, right now, im back to just giving up.

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