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If man is still alive...

A nice weekend was had back down south. It was rather nice to spend what should have been some time off as a form of escapism in France instead down south again to Salisbury plain. Stopping this time in Salisbury itself as a base and traveling out from it. Friday work was the usual oddness. Well actually a nice surprise was had with an old colleague turning up to help out so a bit of a natter was had before legging it from Broomhill to the station. In true Sheffield 'road-work' style. The new fountains by the station appeared to be broken already with work going on, the smoke/mist machine off-line and the fountains dry.  Then off to West to Chester...

The evening was spent having a rather nice meal before retiring for the evening. Up yet again un-godly early as has been the pattern of the week and off down south making good time and there for just after midday. A nosey at a few garden centers on route and the evening spent in Salisbury with another rather interesting meal watching the chav-mobiles attend some function and an odd number of police pushing on skate-boarders but as per usual ignoring the chavs.

Sunday saw a trip to Stourhead gardens and house, the house being shut but a nice nosey, in decent weather around the grounds, looking and the odd and interesting species of trees as well as the rather beautiful architecture that to be honest to a degree resembled something that could have been planted here by an other wordly species in design with steampunk inclinations... (though they do say they are already among us).

The evening was an odd one. Spent eating an picnic by starlight over looking Stonehenge and glimpsing the first shooting star I've seen in a few years before retiring to a pub to watch some interesting and good kareoke (thankfully me not singing as can't). The evening though ended emotionally horribly for me having a panic attack, trying to hide it and then making matters worse by just turning numb and cold to the world. Sadly a feeling that hasn't left.

Monday, a drive back up north and eventually into sheffield for just gone 8. A quick few drinks with a mate in the dove and home to pass out watching family guy at about 2am. Yesterday a brief trip into town then home applying for jobs. Don't recon I got the Stockport thing though they did say they are 'still interviewing'.  Finding some old stuff, as well as old photos of myself when I was a healthier body size and rather more content ended the nigth sadly on some 1980s styled cocktail longing to escape and yet again another panic attack.  Up today, off to town shortly to see Vicky, then off to London tomorrow to spend time with Dutch and the gang for a week before he moves to Oz. Not sure really though, be glad to escape for a bit. But still, think I'd rather just escape full-stop.
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