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Within and without you

So, back to work again, sadly today should have been my day off, but alas they have changed my job again (I am now a tiller) as one has become an insureance liability it seems. Anyway, I was rather looking forward to either having today or tomorrow off so I could actually do something called sleep, redye the hair more red and also do some painting but alas a possibility that wasn't so. Instead I was for seven hours asking customers for advantage cards and pushing cosmetics. Is it wrong to a degree however I found it amusing that I had a bloke come up and buy, besides a pack of condoms, some deoderant and gum, a pack of skittles...(why the skittles? did I miss something with the forray into sex and food?) to then only be followed by four lasses (in two seperrate groups of twos) to be buying pregnancy testers and asking where the nearest loo's to love this fair city (the fact that none looked over the age of 20 was slightly worrying.

Anyway, after last nights little mission to the Dove and a natter with a few mates over dirty fish and lots and lots of bad jokes one headed home and passed out feeling rather alone. The same tonight with a bath soon, tea and then bed. Work tomorrow (I had hoped for the day off), saturday and sunday too.

Least when one came home today a brown package had arrived. Though not mentioning any names on the inside to whom could have sent it other than a brief letter of 'If you ever need to practice' one has aquired a series in the toybag collection on wax though really can't be sure whom it is from and theres about 5 people it could be (even if it is them)...I think I know whom it is from and a returned present of a night at T.G could be due in the new year.

Work meal tomorrow night then out saturday to god knows when im going to actually rest...
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