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Santa baby, spank me under the tree, you see....

So, after getting in from last night completeley shattered one got rather stonkingly tipsy on wine and ended up passing out curled up to music and a cushion around 11pm. Sadly waking up to a missed message from the other half and then unable to sleep for an hour or so. The bed feels so big at the moment. Anyway, time for an update I think...

Work, well as anyone can gather, working in retail and the silly season don't mix. Its a bugger, we're having cues that are huge, last hours then we're left knackered. Yesterday I only got one break all day. But I suppose at the moment it pays for the bills/rent,presents and booze. Randomly the job that I didn't think would take me on past Jan 5th asked me if I wanted more hours come the new years so I maybe stuck in boots for a while yet, though a significant reduction in hours so I can actually go look for textile work, visit galleries and do textile work. Aim for new year is to buy a small loom as well as a mercury lamp (money does grow on trees right?) and teach myself oddly again to knit after years of neglect.

Friday night was the works meal...the food was shockingly bad, never visiting El Pasa again in sheffield, 5 of us ended up with dicky stomachs though the beer flowed and I left around 11. Saturday back into work in the day then met the other half and off to VNV Nation for the evening, they were ok, well to be honest they were good but, but deffintley went to see In the Nursery. Least VNV played some of their older stuff and quite happily got bopping along. They held the crowd well and though the sound system was a bit poor as usually is in Corp thye had a good show. Though halfway through the night one did have to chuckle when realised that everyone around me (and myself included) resembled nodding dogs to the music...bless the bleep crowd... Anyway, a bit of a random night at the after party. Bumpage and chattage to some good friends not seen in yonks before retiring to bed.

Up sunday and reluctantly off to work. Sunday was like saturday, manic, least sunday night was spent in the pub with mates catching up and organising the week ahead.

Skipping monday as it was uneventful. Today one returned to the hospital after being referred again this time to the orthapedics. It looks as if from X-rays done today (it took 15 minutes to get four Xrays...I nearly broke their machine and the printer wouldn't print my stuff!) it looks as if most if not all the problems stem from an abnormal elbow joint that grew after the arm was shattered all those years ago. It seems the pain and strains are caused by my minimal movement at the elbow and compensation of the lower arm to a radius.  However the US scan showed no reason for my nerve damage so as well as being booked into the elbow specialist sometime in the new year. I am down for a MRI brain and neck scan, to see, in all honesty if everything is 'alright up' there'...

Back this afternoon and between catching up on sleep and dying some material one re-dyed my hair again, again with henna, more red than last time, well a more so, orange-red...nearly tried with the addage of weld to make it more yellow brown in it then thought the Jimmy Saville look is probably not a stunning one on me...Back to work tomorrow...

Still just in the mood to be snogged and cuddled...
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