Richard (threads_of_life) wrote,

Working 9 till never...

So, this year, for Christmas, I will be, jobless...Who'd have thought my life could get any more like a 'story' than a page lifted out of a Christmas Carol so to speak. So anyway, yesterday boots told me the multi million company couldn't afford to pay me so are letting me off, on Christmas Eve. So I am jobless and possibly penniless. This meant that last night we headed to the pub and I got right royally rat arsed. This is possibly because I am still feeling rather shite and down over it.

So anyway, work today was interesting, basically telling people, getting hugs, even my managers didn't know. The evening has been a change from really what I had wanted to happen so just sat watching shit tv with a bottle of wine feeling still,w ell you guessed it. We were still drunk this morning when we got to work...wups....

Tomorrow is day off, so into town in the afternoon and meet Becky for painting the town red again in the evening. Not sure whats happening re-rent might be able to cut it off for a little while rather than face trying to find money in savings for moving. Think I will bugger off to france come the new year for a bit and travel on the cheap and then more determened now to move out of this shit tip by summer...
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