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Money, money, money

A few days of traveling when one is burning a slight temperature and feels as though you've been kicked a few times in the chest is usually something I would not advise. However pill me up and add the stress of a job interview and somehow the last few days have happened. Thursday, at work as always was rather dull, usual stuff of snotty nosed customers (got to love the horsey set, especailly the ones that turn up in there Chelsea tractors, in riding gear, to drop of some photos...) Shame they weren't that good looking and just had an un-fetishesque air of a headtutor about them...Which reminds me....anyone know any sellers of school styled blazers/trousers...odd request I know, but for a photo shoot.

Anyway, so yes, friday. I had an interview for Whitworth and Lewis, a hand-painted wallpaper design studio in Hazel Grove (cheshire for my friends not of the locality on here...looks at the americans :p).  It went well I think, it was slightly what I expected and a lot unlike what I had prepared for. It was increadible relaxed, but as usual I stumbled a little. They did seem keen though, they have two vacancies going for in-house designers and want me to email some more work and will get back to me in the next week or so (theyre in NYC this week). The evening was spent with friends, dodging the 'bright young emo things' in the Dove. It struck us who disturbingly one particular person that one other particular person fancies looks alittle too much like Avril Lavigne...yes you know who you are...the shame :P And after quite a few pints onto making things with paper and scaring bar staff by appearing to give them roses.

Saturday morning up with a feeling of 'ugh my head' and off to Manchester for the day to meet up with a mate, a nosey round the City Gallery allowed me to see the restoration of William Etty's 'The Sirens and Ulysses'  before a spot of lunch and trying not to get a wrap down oneself in a  rather ungraceful style. Why must I always pick to eat comical food? Saying goodbye and onto the Cornerhouse for a look at their exhibition and to pick up a copy of selvedge magazine. Sadly forsaking certaon 'brown parcel' shopping for a few weeks one headed to paperchase to pick up some art supplies and have a nosey around the markets before returning to sheffield for about 5ish.

In last night, and after three rather long lasting migraines one eventually passed out, after introducing beer around 2am..(I need to loose this beer overhang by whitby!). A rather long lay-in today for me, actually sleeping past 9am all the way till midday. Suppose I need it. Though woek up with a sore and slightly grazed/torn top lip so god knows what I did in the night. This afternoon sees a trip to the Manor (in sheffield dears, not a rather posh estate house...say it in the grace of T' M-ah-n-aa) before heading to quizzicles tonight and oh, look, even more ale...hmmm

Oh also found the photos from Paris last feb, quite tempted to go back, aslong as nobody tries to buy me again, funny story...ask me sometime...*coughs*

Hospital tomorrow...Im still in the mood for a cuddle, and a few other things, but a cuddle will serfice...all night long...
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