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the tales of an intrepid explorer?

So, according to onestrangerover the weekend previous involved being a rather intrepid explorer. Now why can't I shake an image of silly hats, odd same colour clothing and conversations involving large mainly latin words...So yes, after a rather plesent evening meal saturday in Sheffield and meeting with the 'usual suspects of Lincoln Uni' for a catch up we headed south come sunday morning. The day was a dodge of rain showers with a call at the HDRA gardens looking slightly more brown than green but still nice for a wander. Quickly then onto The Rollright Stones for a good look and nosey about via Cropredy (must get to the festival finally this year!). After this we headed to the White Horse at Uffington. My first time to this monument for want of a better word and it is breathtaking (the strong wind rising up the hill helped this also) but its understandable why such a place still holds mysticism and charm. A total escapist landscape. A quick strangerover detour, this time planned. We came across a ROC bunker, one to have a nosey at later again in the year. Light and weather permitting. Oh a quick blow of the blowing stone, producing no sound on my part...why am I always thwarted by inanimate objects or furry small things....Im sure, sometime, somewhere a forfiet would have been issued to me for such a thing

Back up the motorway after a nice mexican in Oxford and a nosey around. Its changed again, though saying that it was about four/five years I was last there.

Back to work monday and tuesday with getting rather pissed up manicness in the pub tuesday night, not had a hangover that lasted till the early evening the day after in ages. Brief trip in sheffield (as much as body and guts would allow) wednesday morning to buy train ticket for another intrepid explore this weekend and then back home. The evening saw the MRI scan, can safley say its an odd sensation having ACDC pipped into your ears as you have a high energy magnet vibrate, clunk and whirl around you.

Today, another day off so spring clean and abit of art work on the go, feel rather sloggish though, then work early tomorrow. Been roped into the earlier morning shift then westwards via train come the evening. Next week off work till the 10th, so probably London is on the cards...
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