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blurring the lines from the edges.

2 March 1985
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Spiderbum returns
80's cheese, 80s music, aboriginal, agriculture, alternative fashion, androgyny, animal wellfare, architecture, art, art nouveau, arts and crafts, bach, backpacking, barnraisers, batik, bi goths, bird on a wire, blackbooks, blue grass, boots, castles, celtic, celtic legends, celtic myths, ceramics, chester, classic horror novels, club lash, cold war history, conservation, courture, crystal healing, cybergoth, dancing like a loon, david bowie, depeche mode, druid, duran duran, earth art, earth works, edge of urge, elizebeth blackadder, embroidery, fairport convention, fibre art, folk, folk music, folklore, foundries, gardening, gay goths, glass blowing, good company, goth, gothabilly women, gothic fashion, gothic manchester, gothic music, gothic sheffield, guys in eyeliner, herbal tea, herbalism, hippie, hippy, history, human league, ikat, impressionism, jackie greene, jackson pollock, james davis art, janis joplin, kate bush, kraftwerk, l-shaped lot, latex, london, longhaired men, masionary, monet, mountain bluegrass, music, native american, natural dyes, old punk, omd, paganism, peanuts, performance art, photography, poetry, progressive- folk, progressive-rock, psychedelia, pvc, reading, red hot chili peppers, rockabilly women, rubber, samual palmer, sari, scotland, scuba diving, shamanism, sheffield, sisters of mercy, sketch books, skin tight trousers, snoopy, steam engines, steam punk, surfing, swarf, teddy girls, textile, the beatles, the cult, the cure, tori amos, traditions, travel, turner, uk goths, vegetarian, victoriana, video art, violin, vnv nation, wales, walking, walt whitman, weaving, wgw, whitby, wildlife conservation, winchester, wolfshiem, york, yorkshire, zandra rhodes